How my school life has changed_我的学校生活是如何改变的英语作文120字

作者:安渔 时间:2017-02-13

How my school life has changed_我的学校生活是如何改变的英语作文120字

My school life has changed a lot since this term. We don’t need to get to school early. We begin our lessons at eight o’clock. We can get enough sleep.

At school we have at least one hour for sports to relax ourselves every day. After the second class we do morning exercises. After that we usually kick Jianzi or skip rope. In the afternoon, we can do different kinds of sports. Some play basketball, some play football, others run on the play ground.

After school, we don’t have too much homework to do. We have lots of free time. We can do what we like. We can take part in many after-school activities.

In a word, we are happier and healthier than before.

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