A Campus Book Fair_校园书展作文200字

作者:暮煖 时间:2017-02-14

A Campus Book Fair_校园书展作文200字

Nowadays,my school has held up an activity named campus book fair.

The aim of the activity is to provide students with a changce to exchange their books.Students can sell the books which they have already read. By the activity,we can use the books which we have read before better.And also,we can get more books which we haven't read.On the fair,we could buy the books which we wanted.The idea of exchanging books was so great that everyone have gained more books.

I like the campus book fair.In a nutshell,it is a good way to spend less and gain more.It gave us a chance to achieve knouledge.I am looking forward the next hold of the campus book fair.


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